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Saturday, February 1, 2014

how to start a sports related business

how to start a sports related business:
1- pick an idea that makes a profit
2- something unique is good but something in an area that is not being satisfied
ie. fresh hamburgers like in and out in florida
ie. good soft pretzel and mustard in florida
ie. lack of real deli sandwiches in ft myers
3- have a great online presence
use a company like to create that presence
4- start small with very low inventory
ie. design of a shirt vs. making each shirt and storing it printed
5- promotional items
ie. scented pens that smell like strawberries, vanilla, donuts, watermelon

more to come from jersey joel 2/1/14

feb 1st saturday one day before feb 2nd 2014 super bowl

sports blog feb 1st 2014 day before the super bowl denver and seattle in NJ

i'm from New jersey and so excited to the FIRST super bowl EVER in new jersey.
seattle will win 27-24

their defense is too good and their offense runs the ball.. my formula for success in football no matter what.

limit turnovers
play great defense
and run the ball to be able to play great defense
field position and turnovers is everything especially in a tight game.

This blog needs to be better and updated 3-4 times a week.

steven- help with a better blog

also ideas on sports businesses.. classic creative shirts

Chip KNOWS Philly (knows is a real nose)

Stanford knows Sherman
"i'm the best CB ever"


Monday, July 16, 2012

WE ARE starting some upgrades to this BLOG July 2012 to make it more active and user friendly. thanks jersey joel
we are doing some upgrades to this blog to make it MORE CURRENT and MORE USER FRIENDLY feel free to make any comments or suggestions. jersey joel

Sunday, April 17, 2011